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Winter Creek Candles

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Candle Burning Instructions

These candle burning instructions are intended to inform you of dangers associated with mis-use of burning candles wrong.
NEVER NEVER NEVER leave a candle burning unattended! Keep away from children and pets.  Place jar candles on a heat-safe level surface.
Never let a candle burn for more then 2 hours at a time. Doing this will heat the glass to too high of a temperature and may cause the glass to shatter and will cause a fire.  NEVER put on a heated stove.
ALWAYS trim your wick to 1/4 inch BEFORE you burn ANY CANDLE. 
Parfaits: Burn candle (first time) until you have a nice wax pool at the top of the candle.  If you do not do this your candle will NOT burn right anyother time you light it.
Pillars (Coming soon) With any pillar or votive or grubby candle, trim your wick first. Burn candle until you have a melt pool up to 1/2 inch to 1 inch from all sides of candle. Blow out when before it reaches the edges. This will allow an even burn EVERY time! Candles have a "Memory" and if you do this you will get a great burning candle everytime.
SCENTED BEARS AND FLOWERS ARE NOT CANDLES!! They are intended for air freshner purposes ONLY. DO NOT TRY TO BURN THESE. To do so will cause FIRE.
NEVER NEVER NEVER pour water on a wax fire, it will only ignite the fire and make it worse. Use a fire extinguisher.  Throw away the candle when there is only 2 inches of wax left. If left to burn further then this, the candle jar may explode.
These instructions are basic.  Please use common sense when burning mine or any candles. Thse instructions are not meant by anyway to ensure your safety when burning candles. You are fully responsible for your candle you purchase from my website. Bakery Candle Confections, Owners, Family will not be held responsible for damages nor will assume any fault when using our candles.  Although we make candles as safe as possible, it is you the consumer that is burning them.  If you do not know how to burn a candle, call us at (815) 936-1017, and we will help you.
This is only a brief instruction page,  and should not solely be used in all safety measures.  YOU must take care that you are responsibe with fire, and candles. EDUCATE yourself, or call your fire department for any further fire tips.
Updated 8/18/05 Thanks!

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